Monday, October 09, 2006

A-Rod Should be an Angel

Nothing warms the cockles of a Yankee hater like the aftermath of a thorough post-season drubbing, when all of the NY tabloids are finger-pointing, the team dissembles, Steinbrenner seethes and the second-guessing ensues for four months. I for one have the solution to their problems - talk A-Rod into going to the Angels. I despise A-Rod as a Yankee - I would love him to be an Angel. Away from the annoying glare, he would thrive. I mean, A-Rod and Vlady in the same line-up, with that pitching staff? Sit down, everybody!! Anaheim isn't even L.A., for Christ sakes - do you think A-Rod could handle the scrutiny of the O.C. Register? I think so. So welcome, A-Rod, to the next great Angels era. The weather is fine.


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