Thursday, May 01, 2008

Critics, Don't Die!

 What's to become of us? I'm hearing ominous things, and storm clouds are gathering. They are telling us our skills aren't needed anymore, that in a webocracy, every one's a critic.  Book publications are suffering and missing their publication deadlines.  Others are folding like a tent in a lashing wind (hear that giant sucking sound? It's all of those servers processing arm-chair bloviating from all points of the compass.)  We're all really feeling the heat, especially in a recessionary environment.  After all, when gas is four bucks, and we can't afford to go to the movies or buy a book, who cares what a critic has to say about these things?

Much ink has already been spilled on this subject, but I guess I just want to say:  It still matters to have an informed opinion and get paid to set it down.   Doesn't it?


Anonymous said...

Your opinions are useless my friend.

Anonymous said...

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