Monday, July 31, 2006

Come On, Feel The Annoyz

What is the deal Steve Rosenberg? I just got wind of your rant against my Valley article in the New York Times, even though it's a few weeks old (the rant, I mean.) Believe it or not, despite your cliched claim that everyone in the Valley is wearing a wooden barrel and selling pencils on Vanowen for a nickel a piece, there's no disputing the fact that our beloved region has gone upscale in recent years. You also must understand that the Surfacing section is a 500 word hit - there would never be room to list all of your alternative suggestions. Yes, I love Four N 20 pies, and the Good Earth is OK - but the story was all about hipstering up the Valley, not settling into old familiar favorites. That's a different story entirely.


Anonymous said...

Well the rant was good for one thing- a lovely quote in which MW uses the word "morph"! -IW

Anonymous said...
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