Tuesday, August 01, 2006

Marisha Pessl is Hot

Hot damn! Did you get a load of Marisha Pessl in the New York Times yesterday? Those bedroom eyes, the glossy lips parted just so, the entire come-hither dealio. No, it wasn't a Guy Trebay story - it was the book review. Seems the smoking Ms. Pessl has written a very fine "prep lit" novel called Special Topics in Calamity Physics. She's only 27 years old, she's gorgeous. I'm officially obsessed. This is as bad as my Donna Tartt thing in the 90's. Which means I'm of two minds about reading the book. If it's as good as Janet Maslin says it is, well, then, I don't know what I'm gonna do with myself. I will either become a stalker or seethe with so much envy as to cause heat stroke. If it's no good, I will be crestfallen and never judge a book by its jacket photo again. Or I will continue to hold out hope that homely authors can be published too. Or search Google Earth for Ms. Pessl's house.


MW said...

sweetie, of course you're obsessed. The 'hot' Ms. Pessl looks exactly like me! Lucky
you. Stalk your own back yard. Love, your wife

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