Monday, April 28, 2008

Back to the Front

Oh man! It's been a minute.  Thought it would be best if I got back on the Blog  - it's what the kids are doing these days. So much to discuss, can't discuss it all.  
Did not go to Coachella. I don't think I will hereafter ever be present anywhere large numbers of people decide to take adult doses of Oxycontin and throw up in a giant dust bowl. It's not my scene, man. I heard that Prince did some wacky covers - Beatles, Portishead (!). That sounds like it could have been fun. Unfortunately, he started his set about three hours past my bedtime. The last time I waited for Godot and then a Prince concert, I had to prop up my eyelids with matchsticks. Ok, not really but you're getting the cut of my jib.  I think he deigned to hit the stage in his tiny hi-heels around 2 in the morning. It was rough, and he was really, really good.  You know what else is good? A Sealy Postrapedic mattress.  That's where I like to park myself at 2 am.  I've always been that way, really - late night shows have always been a trial for me. This was not a good thing when I had to review rock concerts for a (non) living.  I always preferred the middle-age sitdown concert to the hella late indie-whatever show.  You ever try to file a story at 8 am after a few hours sleep? It's rougher stuff, friend.   Not even giant caffeine injections can save you.  
Hey, this feels good! It's nice to be blogging again.  Don't be a stranger, hear? 

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