Friday, August 04, 2006

Arthur Lee on the Line

It's Arthur Lee on the line:

A: "What do you want, man?"

MW: "I was wondering if you might have any thoughts about Paul Rothschild. I'm writing an obit."

A: "Fuck Paul Rothschild, man. That dude didn't do shit. I produced my records."

MW: "Well, surely, he must have made some contribution?"

A: "Listen, Jac Holzman, he ripped me off, man. And that Jim Morrison? He stole all my chicks! If I was a white man instead of a black man, I would have sold more records than the Doors, man. All Elektra cared about was the fucking Doors."

MW: "Huh. Er, anyway...."

A: "Listen, man, you've got to pay me."

MW: "Pay you?"

A: "I need 1500 dollars to do this interview."

MW: "It's not my policy to pay subjects for interviews Arthur."

A: "Listen, Paul Rothschild is dead man! I got nothing to say about him. Let the man rest in peace!"

MW: "You sure you don't want to talk?"

A: "Talk? I've already given you about 500 dollars worth of talk!"

Well, Arthur Lee was one obstreperous motherfucker, no doubt about it. But hot damn those Love records were brilliant. Sorry to see him go.

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