Friday, August 11, 2006

Good Things 8/11/06

Ah, who can resist a chanteuse with a potty mouth? Among the new records I haven't tossed into the trash bin (er, I mean bequeathed to orphans) is something from Brisa Roche called The Chase. It's pretty wonderful; Roche sings in an affectless yet sultry voice that might work for chanson ( there are some chanson-esque tracks here from the French singer) but instead is put into the service of dark atmospheric siren songs in which Roche lays some wicked wit on us (Dial me up baby dial me/I'm not cellular I'm manual/Don't press my buttons dance me around/Dizzy me with your hands). Worth checking out.

Another new thing (to me) that I'm really digging, and that's well worth taking 401K withdrawal penalties to enjoy: I live for Tees, and this is the best t-shirt site on the web I've seen (thanks, Boing Boing, for the link). It's apparently an open source kind of dealio: anyone can submit designs and then the folks at threadless pick and choose what goes into the catalog. There are plenty of stunning designs to be found here: I'm having trouble not grabbing them all.


larryk said...

Couldn't stand the girl singer, but love the t-shirts. The hot dog dreaming of ketchup while he's holding hands with mustard is a classic.

MW said...

couldn't stand? is this from listening to five second amazon samples?

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