Wednesday, August 02, 2006

Is It Good For The Jews?

The punditocracy is destroying public discourse in this country. This democratization of expertise that we see on the Internet is breeding a self-serving brand of fake analysis. Look at what's going on with the Mel Gibson situation. You rarely read the words "vile" or "disgusting" in the countless articles that have been written - no, everyone is just in the prediction business now. Will it affect his career? Will he bounce back or be a pariah? Which trash tabloid TV personality will nab the first interview? And how do you like those nutty newscasters using Gibson movie footage to lamely illustrate the event (Who cares? It's self-evident) I'd like to see more outrage, less oracular soothsaying.

But some good has some out of the Gibson tirade: it has brought Hollywood's double-speak into the light. Among the reams of copy I've read, only Patrick Goldstein's LA Times column laid bare the extreme hypocrisy of a community that celebrates its enlightened social awareness every Winter during movie awards season but remains silent when one of its own is exposed as a virulent bigot. As Goldstein points out, only one movie exec has gone on the record in expressing her disgust at Gibson's comments (which was spun into a kind of profound disappointment.)


waymon said...

Buddy Boy, I couldn’t agree with you more… I too am outraged by the absence of such adjectives as “vile” and “disgusting” in relation to Mel Gibson. Where I believe you’re way off base is when you get caught up in the racism and bigotry. Sure, he made some really hateful remarks, but the most vile and disgusting thing about Mel on that infamously drunken day in Malibu was the way the lousy sod looked. Damn, was he unattractive that day. Hard to believe that a guy who once made my heart throb, back in the Gallipoli days, could ever have deteriorated so wretchedly with that hideous beard, those revolting bloodshot and hypothryroidical eyes, and that bevy of stained teeth. I’m telling you, his appearance was the real crime that day. It’s beyond comprehension, that with the mug he was sportin’, the masses and their media could have been up in arms about anything else. I suppose there are some who might find me a bit shallow for this stance. Then again, my best friend has the hots for Osama Bin Laden (no joke), and I, myself, have always thought The Slammer might not be such a hard place if I could share a cell with those handsome Menendez brothers. I suppose it takes all kinds…

waymon said...

Punditocracy? Do you know anyone other than yourself that can define that one(I had trouble just pronouncing it)? My Uncles Charles would have called that a ten dollar word. Makes "palimpsest" seem worth about a $1.49. You humble and impress, my friend. What did your parents feed you as a kid?...

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