Thursday, August 03, 2006

Their Satanic Lawyer's Request

From the "As if the Rolling Stones weren't whorish enough" department: Just in case you might not have gotten your fill your former heroes turning into avaricious Gordon Gekkos, shilling counter-culture anthems to car companies and actuaries and whatnot, now comes this news flash from the British gossip web site Holy Moly.

The Charlatans have been tapped to open for the The Rolling Stones on their upcoming "Love You Dead" European tour. Their contract stipulates that the Charlatans are not allowed to watch the Stones perform in any way, shape or form. If they want to see the show, they will have to buy tickets like everyone else.

It was unclear as to whether members of the Charlatans will have to pay $7.50 for bottled water and 40 bucks for crap-ass T-shirts like everyone else.

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