Friday, August 25, 2006

Good Things, 8/25/06

Am I becoming depressingly incurious in my dotage? I have no new records, movies, etc to report; the best I can do is Talladega Nights, which made me laugh out loud so often that my kids were embarrassed. No one else in the theatre was laughing, either, and granted, it's not THAT funny. But Will Ferrell can do no wrong in my book, and so I laughed at even the dumbest telegraphed gags, at all the gags regarding testicles, beer and redneck 'tude - and I didn't even realize that Sacha Cohen was in this thing - hooray for Sacha Cohen and his French accent of indeterminate ethnicity!

So that's how lame I am, recommending the top grossing film for the month of August - I am SO bleeding-edge....


Anonymous said...

Here's a "good thing" of an altogether different sort to add to the mix. For those in the LA area, check out the Rauschenberg Combines exhibit before it leaves MOCA next week. -IW

elizabeth said...

go see Im Your Man the Leonard Cohen tribute movie. very very good stuff. warning- it might leave you with a mainstream subversivy liberal westside taste in your mouth (i know subversivy is not a word) if you openly discuss it despite its lack of political content. it will also prompt internet theft of Rufus Wainright music.

Anonymous said...

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